Saturday, January 23, 2010

See My Saturday Evening

I guess you really take stock in how boring your life is when you try to photograph it happening over the course of a lazy Saturday. I tried to photograph rain today. To show rain. I missed that shot, but what I lack in weather photography skills I surely made up for when I artistically captured that Santa paper plate.

After naptime we colored in our Strawberry Shortcake book while eating Tinkerbell gummy snacks. (And you thought the paper plate was the pinnacle of excitement. Just you wait.) Coloring is the favorite activity lately. She loves to put her crayons in and out of the little crayon apron that Opa and Guppy sent her. (As a little aside...has anyone ever spent the money on beeswax crayons? And if so, were they worth it??)

The rain came and spoiled my plans for an afternoon trip to the nature preserve, so we just played quietly inside instead. The boys were at a friend's house, so they didn't make it into any photos today. Hannah stayed in her pajamas, so she was unwilling to make it into any photos. So I basically chased Emma around with the camera. :) She took great care in arranging some new Valentine clings in the kitchen window while rain splattered down outside.

It's a stunning display that we're quite proud of.

Gummy hearts and fingerprints say "we're all kinds of festive" in a down home kind of way.

I spent thirty minutes curled up in a blanket with a book about knitting. I checked the book out from the library yesterday because I decided I really want to learn to knit. About 2:30 this afternoon I asked Buzzard to take me to a yarn store to buy a ball of worsted yarn (whatever that is) and a set of circular needles so I could knit an itty bitty hat for Emma. By 3:45 I finally wore him down and he agreed to chauffeur me in the pouring rain to what he termed "the yarn barn". Interestingly enough, once I finally won the battle, I lost the urge to go buy yarn. The satisfaction of knowing he was willing to subject himself to the task was enough of a thrill for me. Plus, I wasn't ready to take off my sweat pants and fuzzy slippers. And I had been working all day on a quilt that wasn't even half finished, and my Valentine craft was still sitting on the counter undone, and we're in the middle of the Thrifty Three, and oh my goodness, did I really need any more reasons to NOT go buy yarn??

Before long it was time to head to Chinatown to meet our supper club friends for dinner. To my complete and utter delight, the entire crowd headed to Starbucks after dinner to prolong our visit. It was Buzzard's treat and I didn't even have to use my "emergency" Christmas gift card! I couldn't have dreamed a more perfect ending to a simply stunning Saturday. My soul desperately needed a day of quiet and peace and creativity. Mission accomplished!

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