Monday, January 25, 2010

Blessings Banner

I hung my Valentine's banner from the mantle.

There is something about celebrating love that makes you want to count blessings, no??

I made the banner by layering scrapbook paper and card stock. I printed the letters on my computer in a large font. I folded the letter papers over a rope for hanging. Then, I decorated little clothes pins with pink and red paint and clipped them on top. They don't actually hold the letters on the rope. They're just for show. Stunt pins. :)

I hid the rope between the letters by knotting several scraps of ribbon. All the ribbon came from the dollar bin at Hobby Lobby.

I love the color RED, so I get a kick out of decorating for Valentine's. Plus, there is something about seeing the word BLESSINGS hanging in my house that makes me feel....well, blessed!

I've also been busy sewing little felt hearts. My vision is to hang them from a little Valentine tree. We'll see if that transpires. My friend Erin and I met for a homeschool skate day. She cut out little hearts and I sewed them together while our boys skated and we gabbed. I got a lot accomplished that day, but now I need to have Erin come back and help me plant my tree!

I'm linking up at Skip To My Lou. Skip on over there to see other Valentine day ideas!

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PunkiePie said...

I love that banner! and I like the fact that you hid the clothesline behind all the knotted ribbon. Very clever.