Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Emma,

Turning TWO suits you fine. What a wonderful day we've had together, and how I love remembering the very moment that God chose to bless our family in such a splendid way.

It seems the time has gone so quickly, and yet we have certainly created an abundance of memories together!

As my girlfriend Melinda reminded me tonight, these are the TERRIFIC two's, and they're going to be just grand. We celebrated with your Opa and Granna over the weekend, and you got a fetching new crown. When we wear it out in public people ask if it is a special occasion. Don't they know that EVERY day is a special occasion when you're two??

Today Nana and Papa came to call and brought you a new mouse and mouse book. Papa is a good book reader.

Tomorrow will be a big day too. We have a special surprise planned for you. Can't wait!

Here's to TWO, Monkey Bear. I love you bunches.


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SmallWorld at Home said...

Happy birthday to your little sweetie!