Friday, December 11, 2009

My American Girls

We were out the door early this morning to celebrate Emma's birthday with Hannah and her friends. We made a trek that has become a right of passage for many a girl these days. We visited American Girl.
It was an especially sentimental journey for these three, who traveled to Chicago together several years ago to experience the Michigan Avenue store. These lovely ladies are my friend Marci's daughters. We sorely missed our other Chicago companion, Alisha, who wasn't able to join us this morning. Although these girls have long since outgrown the American Girl phase, they have fond memories of the many, MANY hours they logged playing with their dolls together when they were little. I certainly felt confident that Emma was being introduced to the AG world by seasoned experts.

The store greeter swung open the heavy double doors to welcome us. Emma took one look inside, threw up her little arms, and yelled, "Babieeeees!" It was full steam ahead. Almost immediately, she snatched this little doll stroller off display, plunked a doll in it, and went whizzing through the store, weaving her way through isles thick with weary shoppers who were balancing armloads of boxes containing all manner of dolly finery. We admired the dozens upon dozens of immaculately dressed dolls on display, with their fine crafted furniture and abundance of accessories. We even watched dolls getting their hair fixed at the style salon. There's enough glamour and excess in that store to make any woman long to be eighteen inches tall.

We maintained sole possession of the stroller for the majority of our visit.
And took it with us to every display we visited. (You'll never guess what Marci and Nichole ended up getting her for her birthday!)

Finally, it was time to pick out our very own Bitty Baby to bring home.

We went upstairs to see the Bistro where little ladies can lunch with their dollies. We didn't eat there today, but we did tiptoe behind the scenes to grab a sneak peek at the party rooms. I'm sure many special little birthday girls have sat in this huge pink throne to celebrate American style.
Emma took a long nap when we got home from our big morning. After snack and pajamas it was finally time to unwrap the doll. It was love at first sight for this little Mommy. Holding a brand new baby will do that to you.
Now we have a new special friend to hug and kiss.
I know Emma won't remember today, but I will never forget it. I think the moms, teens, and toddler would all's good to be an American girl.

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