Saturday, December 12, 2009

Milk, Cookies, and Trooooo Love

Today my favorite quilt shop hosted milk and cookies with Santa. He was the MOST wonderful Santa, who belongs to a very avid quilter! Emma wasn't brave enough to sit on his lap, even though he spoke with her so gently and followed her around the store trying to play with her. She was fascinated by him, but wanted to observe from afar! The only way she would do a photo is if Mommy was a protective barrier between her and Santa, and if she could hide her face. Not entirely the look I was going for, but this year I had to take what I could get! They had a cute chair all set up that was wrapped with greenery and lights and surrounded by gorgeous Christmas quilts and berries. It was a charming setting where all brave and reasonable children got to have their pictures made with Santa. All those Mommys are very proud of their lovely framed photos, I am quite sure. :)
For a girl who takes the world by storm and shows little hesitation about anything, I think it's funny that a red, furry suit threw her. Especially since Santa was sooooo nice to her. He even bribed her with cookies, which is typically the two year old equivalent of a sure thing.

We modified the rules and said that if you sat in Mommy's arms with your face hidden and whimpered during the photo, you still got a cookie. You didn't even have to sit in the beautiful chair with all the magnificent quilts. In fact, you got TWO cookies. Just for acting shy. They had a cute display all set up with big trays of homemade cookies and whole milk in glass jars sitting in buckets of ice. It was so well done. Of course those sweet ladies in the quilt store just loved feeding her cookies.

(As a side note, the cookie that was the most popular in the store was the oreo ball that you mix with cream cheese and dip in chocolate. I tried making them once and none of us liked them. This cookie seems to be the rage this season and I'm wondering if I did something wrong when I made mine. Have you tried this cookie? Did you like it??)

We visited the gingerbread house set up outside, and that was more our speed. Only stuffed people lived there. No real ones in red suits walking around complimenting you, trying to play with you, and offering you sweets. Because that would have been very scary.

The overwhelming desire to give ice cream and big, warm hug is an inherited gene. She comes by that one very naturally. :)

I think I did my part to ensure that Santa will be back again next year. He was so magnificent that I begged him to return, when we have twelve more months of bravery under our belts.
Because next year I'm totally getting this kid in the chair. Even if it takes THREE cookies. :)

Today is my anniversary and I can hardly wait to go on a date tonight. Buzzard is taking me to see the Rockette's Christmas show, and I'm so excited I could do a high kick. In heels. The results of which would be not only embarrassing, but quite possibly injury inducing, so I'll refrain. But I can hardly wait!

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Erin said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!
Happy belated birthday, Emms! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! (We won't count that very unpleasant Santa experience to which your mean 'ole Mommy subjected you.)
I'm looking forward to hearing about the Rockettes. How fun!