Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Infinity (or Upstairs), And Beyond!

Yesterday we constructed the elements of the solar system. I know it took God six days, but we were able to manage the whole thing in about two hours. (Minus the beasts of the fields and creatures of the sea and a few other things He was able to whip up without balloons, yarn, and construction paper at His disposal.) I did however see how a day of rest at the end of this little undertaking would have been nice. :) When it was all said and done, I was too lazy to actually suspend the planets in outer space, a.k.a. the upstairs hallway. That would have required dragging a stepladder in from the garage and hauling it upstairs, and locating push pins, and actually climbing up and down from the ladder a dozen times. It seemed like way too much work, so, the solar system just got tied to the kitchen windows to chill.

After an entire afternoon and evening of rescuing the planets from the grasps of a toddler and the strings from my cat, the step ladder seemed like the lesser of two evils. So, upstairs we went today, into the galaxy known as the milky magnolia way.

We have high ceilings in our house, so this hallway was the only feasible option. Plus, it is on the way to the boys' room, so hopefully the knowledge of the planets will rain down upon them each and every time they walk quietly down this hallway to crawl into their freshly made beds and lay their freshly scrubbed faces quietly down on their freshly laundered pillows to fall asleep. And dream of planets. And recall all the fun and interesting things that they are learning about and fully retaining in our quiet and peaceful homeschool setting. Yes, that is why I chose the upstairs hallway.

Pluto is still a planet in our science book, so we discussed Pluto's dubious reputation as a real planet, then proceeded to nail him to the ceiling. We made him extra cute, just like Pluto should be.

Making (and hanging) the universe has given me a sense of confidence. How can those measly seven loads of laundry possibly be any big deal after this? The bare pantry can't possibly deter me from coming up with a plan for dinner. I almost feel powerful enough to wipe out everything on my to do list in a single bound, a thought which I plan to contemplate while reclining on my couch and thumbing through my newly arrived issue of Country Living magazine. I need to rest up, after all, and soak in the final hours of my thirties.

Tomorrow is a big day for me; one which carries with it a great big number. The kids left me an I Spy message on the fridge. It's a good thing I conquered the universe in the days of my youth, because I plan to take it much easier in my rapidly approaching golden years. :)

And I leave you with unbearable cuteness that skyrockets me right into orbit, every single day.

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sara's art house said...

GREAT idea! Funny too- a rest would be needed after all that work :)