Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet Sunday

Everyone had plans this afternoon, so I took Emma out on a little date. We went to the park near Oma's house and played in the fresh air. It was the first time that she let me push her in a baby swing. She has always been afraid of the swings, but today she laughed and cheered.

There were two steering wheels at the top of the slide, and Emma decided to command both of them. This was very sad news to the adorable, curly headed little girl named Avery who was also at the park playing, and wanted very badly to steer a wheel. Emma pushed her away every time she tried to get near them. This was sad news to me. I hate it when a kid at the park is mean to my kid, but I hate it even worse when it's my kid who is being the bully. The steering wheel bully.

Luckily, there were two airplane bouncers, so Emma and Avery could both bounce at the same time. Conflict avoided.

Kids learn at such a young age that when it's time to leave, all they have to do is go hide in a tube. In the very center. It's like trying to get a hamster out of a habitrail.

After the park we went to our very favorite date spot....The Walmarts. We needed shampoo and toilet paper, but we took a few minutes to stroll the isles, which is always dangerous. We found new monkey pajamas. They are warm, fuzzy flannel, perfect for these cooler nights.

We also found sectioned plates, which we have been needing, since we are rapidly approaching that mysterious age when it's illegal for two foods to touch. The chicken touching the macaroni is as wrong a Avery touching the steering wheel. It just is.

You know you've had a rather lazy day when plastic sectioned plates are headline news. And when you took time to photograph them so you could remember the day you brought them home. These kinds of lazy days are some of my very favorites.

We're off to play in the tub, then snuggle up in our new monkey pajamas and read a bedtime story about sharing at the playground. :)

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Erin said...

YEA! I'm so happy she likes to swing now!