Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Storms Stormed In

A tornado hit Nana and Papa's farm last night. The most important thing is that everyone is just fine. There is some minor damage to the property though, and sadly, they lost some gorgeous trees. We went up for a visit today to scope out the scene and give Nana a hug. Papa John and Aunt Sarah were there too, to lend a hand and moral support.

They had to hook up the big tractor to clear the fallen trees. This is just one limb from the huge Cyprus that fell.

The two Papas worked the chainsaw while the little boys helped to drag smaller limbs.

The barn doors blew off the barn and an old truck that Papa is rebuilding took a little hit.

I'm so glad the barn structure is safe. That is Papa's haven!

There was an old "lean to" on the side of the property that they have been meaning to take down. They don't have to fret about that agenda item any longer. :) When we left the farm today, Papa was in the cow pen next door gathering shingles and wood pieces that had blown from the little shed because the cows were trying to eat them!

The storm took such a ragged path. It tore down trees and tossed around heavy bbq grills, but delicate pots of flowers and small garden statues sat undisturbed. Nana's garden was even boasting perfect blooms today. Her spectacular iris plants provided a focal point for beauty today.

We are so thankful everyone weathered the storm!

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