Friday, May 1, 2009

We Party With Old Men

If Buzzard were to give you his short list of things he is grateful for, good friends would certainly make the cut. Buzz isn't much of a list maker, and like most guys, doesn't talk at length about anything, let alone ooey gooey things like gratefulness. But he'd be real quick to put in a good word for his friends, because gooey or not, he's got incredible friends. And he knows it.

We've known Calvin and Joel for as long as we've had kids. We've eaten many meals together, played many games together, and even traveled many miles together. We've hopefully grown in maturity and faith together, and not just in age and gray hairs. We've become a little set in our ways together, and even though we've been through many changes in our lives, we've somehow always managed to celebrate the good and weather the bad together.

We're becoming Geezers together, and that is one of life's paths that's just more comfortable and fun to travel if you do it with friends.

Calvin, Joel, and Buzzard. These three Oldies But Goodies have birthdays right in a row, which makes a spring celebration in order. I'll mention with great haste that Buzzard is the youngest of the three. The youngest of the old. I just feel it's worth mentioning, because if you want to know who's who in the "young and hip" department, it would have to be Buzz. Obviously. :)

Our teenagers all had plans last night, so Marci, Nichole and I cooked up a nice dinner for our handsome dates. "Cooked up" consisted of setting raw food on a platter and sending Handsomes out to the grill.

Joel came a little early to do a guitar lesson with Max while we got the food in order. Joel is a talented picker and strummer, and he has sparked quite an enthusiasm in Max, who really looks forward to his weekly lessons.

The Masters of the Pit. What do you think they talk about out there? Maybe about how to grow old gracefully or how grateful they are for friendship. I bet that's it. I do know there actually was talking, because when I opened the back door to snap this picture I did hear voices and laughter.

We eat together a lot, but it's usually with our entire families, and it's usually off of paper plates balanced on our lap. We gave up the need to impress our friends long ago. But last night we actually set a table and used dishes that required washing. Because we're very civilized now that we're older, and we knew the men would be highly impressed, and grateful. They're gooey like that.

(Side note: Buzz will not be able to tell you what kind of plate he ate off of, and there is an outside chance that he may not be able to tell you what was on the plate, other than "food".)

What was on the plate was filet mingon, loaded baked potatoes, grilled vegetable skewers, and strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed dressing. YUM. Getting old has its perks. Through the years, Marci and Nichole and I have figured out how to throw down some pretty serious food.

There was candle light and no kids and roses and no kids and a lacy tablecloth and no kids.

Well, there was one kid. One kid who can pack in the filet mingon with no problem. Tuffie. Calvin and Nichole's son will graduate from high school in a few weeks. Yesterday was his last official day of class. I was thinking during dinner that when he graduates from college I will just be preparing to start kindergarten with Emma. The thought made my throat tighten slightly around my strawberry spinach salad.

After dinner the kids all returned home and we enjoyed dessert together. Nichole makes the BEST blueberry pies. They are legendary, and they were the specially requested treat for the evening.

Guys with pies. Birthday boys bearing blueberries. Oh, I am very clever. They're cute, no??

After dinner the guys went and camped in front of the computer for the night. Camped in front of the computer, I say. On their birthdays. I fear they got ahead of themselves early in the evening and used up all their words out by the grill. They forgot to pace themselves. They sprinted, forgetting altogether that a social gathering is a long distance, endurance race. So, us girls did what we do best. We sat in the kitchen and used lots and lots of words. And the boys sat in the homeschool room and digested by the glow of the computer. :) I can hardly wait to see what we come up with for entertainment when we're in our fifties. It will be stunning, I'm sure.

Calvin and Nichole.

Joel and Marci.

I meant to set up my tripod to get a group shot. Dern! Wish I wouldda.

Another year, another dinner. Another memory with friends. We're grateful.

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Kelli said...

It looks like a wonderful and fun celebration! I enjoyed visiting with you at the campout, too and I hope we can chat more soon!