Thursday, March 5, 2009


Lunch smiled at Emma and I yesterday. Try hard not to focus on the fact that I served my baby spaghetti-o's for lunch, for what they lack in nutrition they make up for in ease on certain days. Besides, they're just so friendly.

Happy little meatballs are just the fuel we need for a rousing game of hide and seek. It's our new favorite. First, we hide.

Then, we glimpse just a teensy little bit to make sure Mom is watching before the big finale.


Did you know that if you eat a smiling meatball you get a smile on your face? Proper lunchtime nutrition is highly overrated on certain days.

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the voice of melody said...

There's something so adorable about a little one with food on their face! It doesn't matter if it's highly nutritious or simply highly fun, the end result is a beautiful sight. :)