Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Part Two - Westward Ho!

Last night was grand. I don't have lots of time for chatter, but I want to post these pictures quickly because I know grandparents are anxious to see them. The theme for this year's ball was westward expansion. The time period was the 1850's. The kids looked amazing. Most girls had full skirts and bustles. Many guys had top hats and canes. I saw an aviator, an Indian, and a few generals too. Good times! We dropped Hannah off about 5:30 and she met up with some friends in the parking lot. Then the girls got all checked in and compared their dance cards. They were each paired up with a partner for every dance. They ate BBQ and danced the night away. Such a fun night, and definitely a highlight of our homeschool year!

Our family....

I love this one because Hannah was such an amazing sport about the photos. She honestly posed for a hundred pictures, which she really doesn't enjoy. This is the one where she finally said enooooough!! :)
Hannah's friend Cami (in the black and gold dress) won second place for best costume.

And in other headlining news, a new pink monkey for Valentine's day.


Holly said...

Awesome costumes! I would have loved to have gone to something like this in high school!

Kelli said...

Oh, everyone looks gorgeous! I love all of the dresses!

Erin said...

Hannah looks so beautiful! I would've LOVED to do something like that in high school!