Thursday, January 15, 2009

Piles, Piles Everywhere

I mentioned that Buzzard and Hannah were out of town for a few days. I seized that opportunity to get a little crafty. I now have little piles of craft supplies all over my house.

It was a productive time when inspiration struck just right, and now I have little piles of WIPs (works in progress) all over the house. I have some fun things to show you over the next week or so. Here's a little sneak peek at how busy I was...

Unfortunately, my little craft projects mean that several other piles have accumulated all over the place. Piles that are far less fun. And less inspiring. Piles that make me feel like this...

How does the house get so out of control so quickly? If five people set down four things and walk away, that makes 20 things out of place. I'm such a math whiz. I wish I were a cleaning whiz too. Then my house wouldn't look so sad. I dare say there are way more than 20 things out of place.

On a happy note, I went to the mall last night to cash in my Gymboree Bucks. I love shopping at Gymboree for my kids. Their clothes are cute, easy to care for, and don't break the bank. Hannah and I hit the clearance racks last night and scored some darling outfits for Miss Emma for next winter.
Buzzard said he would meet us at the mall and walk around with the boys while Hannah and I shopped. I was immediately leery. He means well, but for him, a "night at the mall" means arriving at 6:00, settling into the food court by 6:10, and exiting the parking lot no later than 6:50. I was highly suspicious of his offer, but agreed to pass the boys off in JC Penny's before making a mad dash to Gymboree with Bucks in hand. It was a good, generous, twenty minutes before he started calling Hannah's cell phone every four minutes.

"So, where are you?"

"So, what are you doing?"

"So, are you still in Gymboree??" (Why, yes. Yes we are. Where we intend to stay. Until we have touched every single clearance item in size 2T and all offerings of matching hairbows, socks, and leggings. Twice.)

"So, are you ever coming to the food court???"
But we made some hasty decisions ("hasty" by my standards, certainly not by Buzzard's) and came away with some darling loot. My favorite are the little bows with tufts of fur. Please child, grow some hair by next winter.

I'm sure that taking time to arrange darling loot all over my bed only contributes slightly to the pile problem raging in the rest of the house. I think I have some misplaced motivation. I got one other treat last night. I spent a gift card and splurged on a new bottle of this...

Have you smelled it? It is divine. Clean and pure and fresh, like soap and water. So I can smell very clean while I sit in my very unclean house and look at my new furry bows. And try to figure out where in the world to go with all these piles.

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Erin said... girl clothes and bows... So sweet.