Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shoesville and Snoozeville

Guess who's got Fancy Feet?? My Mom has always treated each of my kids to their very first pair of walking shoes. It has become a tradition to go to Stride Rite, have their feet properly measured, and be fitted for early walkers. Mom is all about proper arch support. :) So today, we headed to the mall to put our best foot forward.

We measured.

We shopped. May I see these in a 4 1/2 wide, please??

We tried on.
We gave them a test run. These are some mighty fine treads. Fast shoes. Fancy shoes. Super spiffy sassy shoes. And they look smashing with dalmation pants.

We purchased. As any girl knows, brand new shoes just make ya wanna dance.

The best part? We got the little bells for the shoelaces. So we can hear her coming, just like the cat.

Shoe shopping can really wear a girl out, so we came home and traded shoes for snooze. This leads me to my other BIG news. Happy news. Ecstatic, headlining, over-the-moon news. Last night Emma slept through the night!! For the very first time!!!! Jeff and Hannah were out of town on a trip together for four days. I took that opportunity to work with Emma on making it through the night. She cried so hard, and it was so awful. But, each night got a little better, and last night she pulled it off. She's an all nighter.

I slept!! Deep, drool on my pillow, uninterrupted REM sleep! I'm so happy I could....I could....well, I could put bells on my shoes and do a little dance. But we've already covered that base here today.

Here's to you, kid. May there always be a jingle in your step! And thanks, Oma, for new shoes!!

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Kelly said...

I love Stride Rite and that was the first stop for my walkers too! Your Mom rocks!

may you have a wonderful full night sleep week!!!