Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh Nine

I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than with a stack of games, a room full of friends, and enough appetizers to feed a small army. Lucky for me, all those bases were covered here tonight. We paused our marathon game session to whoop about the new year. It occurred to me when I snapped this photo that it felt good to mark the passage of time with some of the people I care most about in this world....a moment when memories from the past collided with hopes for future times together, and when it felt good to know that "friends" and "family" were one in the same.
Of course, they felt equally sentimental about the moment. This is when things really got wild and crazy. View at your own risk.

Shortly after that picture was taken we broke out the hot cocoa machine and things got completely out of control. Honestly, we have found the only other people in the city who consider four kinds of dip, cocktail weenies, and a box of dominoes to be five star entertainment, and we are clinging to them. Our guests departed not long after midnight. I simply couldn't rally them for seven more rounds of Mexican Train. What can I say? My friends are old.

Now this is the scene in my peaceful home.

The tree and all the trimmings are packed away in the attic. Only the winter village remains. The left overs are packed away, and a troop of tired boys are tucked under blankets on my couch. An old, faithful dog waits patiently for me to snap my picture and decide where I'm going to lite, so she can curl up by my side and snooze soundly. All is quiet. The new year has come. Gently. I wish I could capture the calm, and save it for when I need it.

New year, new goals, new start. Old friends, old times, old fashioned fun. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


SmallWorld at Home said...

I love your last paragraph--the image of a sleeping house and a new year beginning quietly. Lovely!

the voice of melody said...

This sounds perfect, my kind of fun. I must be old too! :)

Kelly said...

That sounds like a perfect night!!!
My kind of fun! I myself was in bed at about 11 after a viewing of Pride & Prejudice! Just us here this time and we had the small weenies too! haha!
Happy New Year!