Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twin Time

I think Max's birthday was a success. He chose to spend it with his cousins, so we met at the movie theater to see Bolt yesterday afternoon. Then, we brought the twins home to spend the night. They all piled on the couch with pillows and blankets to watch Prince Caspian. Max loves the rodeo, and I couldn't believe he got a PBR game for the Wii. Perfect!
It is our tradition that the birthday person plans the menu, so we had boxed mac and cheese for dinner. Ick! Of all the homemade meals I feed that child, I just can't compete with Kraft. He also chose homemade ice cream pie for dessert. Yummy.
We are having some friends over for New Year's tonight. Everyone is bringing appetizers to share. I'm making popcorn chicken, queso with meat, and two kinds of cookies. I want to post a recap of 2008, so I'm working on getting that ready for tomorrow. I hope everyone stays safe tonight and enjoys their celebrations!

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Annie said...

I know, when I make homemade mac and cheese which is superb, my kids go "ooh what's wrong with it?" And when I make the Kraft, they ooh and aah like I'm Martha or something. They still eat dirt so what do they know right?