Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Business

I took a road trip this past weekend, and I regret to report that my camera batteries went dead. This is particularly unfortunate, because if and only if the batteries had been in working order I could proudly show you pictures of....

1. A cow skull wired to the front of a F350 pickup truck

2. A balcony of an apartment complex, complete with a couch and armchair seating arrangement made entirely out of duct tape. Entirely. Even duct tape drink holders hanging off the sides of the chair.

3. The Range Rover that was in front of me for a good stretch of highway with a huge hog bungee tied to the roof. Snout in air, fur flying, doing 70 mph.

You gotta love the south.

I took one boy and Emma with me on a road trip, and one boy stayed home with Daddy. Hannah was out of town on a church function. It was the first time the boys have ever been split up for one on one time with a parent over an entire weekend. My little travel buddy talked about his brother the entire weekend, which did my heart good, but I also got to see a strikingly mature and confident side of him since he didn't have anyone there competing with him.

Today was our first day back to "real life". We started back to homeschool, activities, and our regular chore schedule. "Real life" also involved a trip across town in a driving rain storm for a doctor's appointment that ran 90 minutes late. We even had freezing rain and isolated snow flurries a mere 48 hours after temperatures had reached 84 degrees.

You gotta love the south.

Even though my body craves some structure and routine, it is always hard to see the holidays come to an end. I'm living in that limbo between wanting to get back on track with life and missing the Christmas tree in the corner, between wanting to sleep late and relax and needing to get up early and be productive. I admit there were a few "hitches in the giddy-up"as we tried to ease back into the saddle today. That's what my Grandpa used to say. But I puttered diligently to create a sense normalcy around here...

1. I set up my new 2009 calendar and even established a color coded system for keeping everyone's activities organized.

2. I took all the Christmas music out of the CD player in the den and loaded it with instrumentals and classical music to listen to during school.

3. I caught up on all my school filing and put the finishing touches on our spring lesson plans.

4. I charged the camera battery. :)

5. I put my Christmas cards in a stack on the corner of my desk and said a prayer over them that I could find a chunk of time to actually get them mailed off sometime this week. I am calling them "New Year's Cards" even though they say "Happy Holidays" on the inside. What can I say? Sometimes life just gets away. Do you think I should exchange my nutcracker stamps for valentine hearts??

6. I thought about a grocery list. Now maybe tomorrow I'll actually write it down and go by the food. In the meantime, we ate scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast here today. When you end a post talking about scrambled eggs you know the holidays are really over and real life has indeed returned. Eggs. Scrambled. For dinner. Riveting stuff.


Barb said...

What a shame your camera was dead - I'd love to see that duct tape balcony decor. LOL Yes, you have to love the south, although if I didn't rein my husband in, and if I had a balcony, it could easily happen here in western Colorado too.

He's the king of duct tape. :-)

I love this post. Sounds like you're easing out of holiday mode right into normal routine again.

By the way, I think you should continue to work on your mom about scrapbooking - I'll bet the only thing holding her back is that it's so overwhelming just to sort and organize a lifetime's worth of photos. Once that's done, as you know, it's a piece of cake. :-)

Kelly said...

Those pictures would have been awesome! But you gave a pretty accurate description too! Happy home schooling and blessings to you guys as you start off the new year, we are working on all those things too!