Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Five Random Photos From Our Day

It was a busy day, full of random events. I felt like we shifted gears every few hours, and although the day was a bit disjointed, we did get a lot done!

Max gave Emma a ride in the laundry basket this morning. She stood up and held onto the sides as he whisked her through the downstairs. She looked like she was riding in a little ancient chariot since the bottom of the basket has little wheels on it, and she grinned from ear to ear.

It was our second day back to school, and we just began a new science book. Today we did an experiment with water and air pressure that allowed the boys to spray water all over the kitchen. It was a big hit, and had I realized just how wet things were going to get I would have handed them each a towel and a bottle of cleanser to go ahead and clean the kitchen for me!

Hannah worked on updating her timeline.

Our friend Brad came over this afternoon. This Christmas the boys made ornaments together and wrote letters to a troop of servicemen stationed in an isolated section of Afghanistan. One of the soldiers sent a letter back with several pictures, and Brad was super excited to share them. It was sobering to see the conditions that the men are living in. They are high on a mountain top living in wooden huts. They send donkeys down the steep mountain sides to retrieve fresh drinking water. There was a photo of servicemen handing out pencils to Afghan children at Christmas time, and their little faces were so beautiful. It is sobering to think how excited they got about a single pencil. There were also pictures of the inside of the military hut with our letters and ornaments taped all over the walls. It made quite an impact on my boys, and all evening I've been consumed with gratitude for the sacrifices being made by our troops.

T returned home a day early from a ski trip. He knocked on the door shortly before dinner time, and my boys launched into a frenzy of excitement. We got in a few rounds of dominoes before supper so the boys could reconnect and compare stories from the past several days.

My Mom came over for dinner and we watched last night's episode of Jon and Kate that we had taped. I'm so excited they announced they are moving! I can't wait to see the new house. I have no idea where I get my fascination for that family, but I look forward to seeing the show every week. It makes me wish I had enough energy to have four more kids.
Sort of.
But I don't. In fact, the four I already own wore me completely out today, so it's off to bed early for me. Tomorrow I have nothing on my calendar, and I love days like that. I have a "to do" list a mile long of things to work on around the house, and I'm seriously considering staying in my pj's all day. :)

Sort of, definitely.

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My Inspired Heart said...

Oh...I know the pj-all-day feeling! I think that is exactly what this weekend is going to hold for me ;)