Sunday, January 5, 2014


We are so fortunate to be part of a well connected, close knit homeschool community.  It brings closeness and intimacy, and combats the feelings of isolation that can accompany living in such a huge city.  I'm often mindful of how "small" our world really is, and how comforting it is to have so many good folks in our same boat.

Today a beautiful family in our homeschool group unexpectedly lost their thirteen year old daughter.  She was hospitalized this morning with flu like symptoms, and was in the presence of Jesus this afternoon.  Her eight year old sister has also tested positive for H1N1 and is hospitalized tonight with high fever.  My broken heart aches for the unspeakable loss ringing through this community of precious friends.

I am humbled by the frailty of this life, and consumed with thoughts and prayers for a hurting family. Amidst a crushing grief, they have reached out to lift high the name of the Lord and to update family and friends.  Tonight sleep escapes me.  I feel burdened to pray unceasingly......and am unabashedly grateful for a throne of Grace to run to.  Mostly I pray that God will use me and my family and every member of this body of believers who know and love this family as instruments of peace and comfort and hope.

We can always use more hope.

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