Friday, January 3, 2014

Like Fleas To a Market

Today we went to the flea market.  It is an annual tradition with our friends to go in January, since that month is by far the least crowded.  There is a reason for that.  It has to do with the temperatures in January.  ;-)  I figure I saved $20 more than once throughout the day simply because I wasn't willing to take my mittens off and get into my wallet.

I bought ear muffs two minutes after we arrived.  I found a gray knitted thing that was pretty cute, but decidedly questionable for a middle aged woman.  Im not sure anyone over the age of eleven is qualified to sport an enormous crocheted flower near their forehead, but I would have wrapped just about anything around my head to rescue my ears. I never would have made it without the muffs!

Emma got a cute panda hat too.

My favorite thing about the flea market in Canton are the fresh squeezed lemonade stands.  I probably should have scouted for steaming coffee or hot cocoa, but instead I had TWO iced lemonades.  They are so delicious!!! At least I wasn't as bad as Emma, who chose ice cream for her treat.

It was a really great day.  I love spending time with these girls, freezing temps or not, and the more we laughed the warmer we stayed!

Oh!  And yesterday I posted over at my quilt blog.  I'm going to get back to that in the coming year.  Blogging makes the short list of resolutions.  :-)

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