Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silly Saturday Surprise

I was scrolling through my iPhone photos with Marci the other day, and came across this little surprise...

I thought that was kind of cute.  Apparently, she was playing with my iphone while we were in the Walmarts and she snapped this picture of her American Girl doll that I didn't even know about.

And then one more. sweet.

And then.  Then.

We just about fell out of our chairs laughing at these.  I had NO IDEA she put these on my phone, and to find them by surprise was hilarious to me.

What did the people in Walmart think?

She certainly knows how to entertain herself, no??

Love this one.

But by far, THIS ONE is the best.


Clearly, we know how to rock it in the Walmarts.

And for the life of me I have no recollection of this.  Who looks like this in the Walmarts??  Do you think I was excited about all those storage containers in my cart, or what???  Ha!!!

I'll show you this week what became of those storage containers.  It is quite an exciting thing.  :-)

I'm all happy about these silly surprise photos on my phone.  THIS IS EMMA.  Loving life.  Always happy.  Always creating a good time.  Anywhere.  In front of anyone.  I hope she NEVER changes!

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Erin said...

She is TOO funny!!