Friday, September 27, 2013


A few of the blogs I read do a "Friday's Favorites" feature.  I love reading those posts because they always give me good ideas for new products to try, recipes to make, crafts, decorating, etc.  

It's fun to read about things other people love, and the power of suggestion is usually pretty strong.
The brand new mascara I just HAD to buy last Friday is a case in point.  :-)
(And the girl was right.  It's great mascara!)

Today is MOVING DAY for my Mom.  We are getting ready to head over to the new house and meet the moving van.  Before we scoot, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories from the last few weeks while Mom has been here with us.

#1 - Science with friends.

We get together with another family to do Apologia science every week and it has made that part of our homeschool something to really look forward to.  Here they are doing an air pressure experiment.

#2 - Aunt Jackie's visit.

Jackie came to town and we did Arbonne facials together.  ALL of us.  :-)
We even had a little audience watching us.

#3 - Family Night.

The D's came for supper one night.  Always a good thing.  BUT, this night was extra special because in the middle of dessert, Melanie walked into the kitchen with four friends!  She came home from college to surprise her mom.  Mission accomplished!  Wonderful surprise!

#4 - My Role as Passenger.

Thrilling.  Terrifying.  My stars.  I can't believe this one is behind the wheel.  Driver's Ed.  Wow.

#5 - Snazzy.

Hayden gave his first speech in his Worldview class.  That boy cleans up good.  And how long is that ridiculous garden hose, anyway?  Can't somebody roll that thing up???  Ha!

#6 - Parent Night at Kindergarten.

Got to meet the teacher, tour the room, and hear all about how Emma spends her days.  They journal on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This was my favorite page from her journal.  THE CHIN HAIRS!  They crack me up so much.  I pull this picture up in my cell phone all the time just so I can get a good laugh. I can't get enough of it.

#7 - Mom's New House!!

I love every single thing about her new house, but the kitchen is my favorite room.  This was taken the night she signed her contract.  I have visions of baking Christmas cookies around that island.  And speaking of the move.....I'm out the door.  Off to meet the moving van!

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