Monday, June 10, 2013

Operation Bird Brain

The Kiwi Crate theme for May was birds.

It could not have been more perfect, as it arrived in the midst of our hayday with the chickens, and birds were a huge topic for conversation and research around here.

We love, love, LOVE the Kiwi Crate.  A box delivered to my door once per month with every single (high quality) supply I need to make crafts and learn about a particular project.  It's fab.

This month we added sparkles to our bird wings.  Because we are, clearly, very fancy.

Daddy helped sort sequence, and I fired up the glue gun.  It was a family affair, the blinging of the wings.  A wing bling, if you will.

We also made a bird nest out of yarn, and decorated eggs to snuggle inside of it.

Our mask has interchangeable beaks.  So we can adjust our bird mood.

Feeling woodpecker-ish?  BAM!  We've got the beak for that.

Oh, I love this girl, and her outrageous spirit for creativity.

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