Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of the Year Picnic

Last week was full of many fun activities all gearing up for the end of preschool.

First, we had a picnic at the park, and all the kids got to feed bread to the ducks in the pond.

Except there were no ducks!  That didn't stop them from having a blast throwing wads of bread into the water.  It's so funny sometimes to see which activities appeal to five year olds.  :-)

The kids in Emma's class have been together for two years now.  The bonds of friendship are strong; there is great chemistry between these ten squirts.  I'm really going to miss this class!!!

Mostly I will miss this woman.  Ms Jerry has been directing preschool for 27 years.  She is a preschool mastermind.  Her creativity and extensive knowledge have been a DAILY blessing and encouragement to me, and I will miss being constantly amazed and entertained by her clever leadership and extraordinary teaching skills.  She truly, truly has a heart for kids.

At the end of park day each child was given a balloon.

Then we sang a little song about going off to kindergarten that ends with, "Let's GO!"
At those words, all the children released their balloons to Jesus.

.....and all the Mommies cried BUCKETS of tears.

It was incredibly sweet and sentimental, and a great send-off to kindergarten!

Emma's teacher, Mrs. Alice Ann, was a perfect match for her.  Oh, how I loved her ability to lovingly yet firmly direct Miss Highly Spirited Emma!  :-)

And now........

Holy Jelly Beans!  WE'RE OFF TO KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!

I couldn't bear to go straight home after the park because I didn't have anything on my afternoon agenda but crying, so I drug the kids through TWO different Home Depots looking for flowers to plant in the yard.  I wanted to come home and completely surprise my Buzzard by having the back flower beds weeded, tilled, planted, and mulched by the time he got home from work.

I surprised him alright!!

That sprinkler line that I busted right through with my shovel was definitely NOT what he was expecting when he got home that night.  :-)

What can I say?  Graduation did me in.

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