Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 The boys had a Bible Bowl competition last weekend, and Hayden's team took first place.  This is the "traveling trophy" that gets to live with us for a spell.

It really touches me that my boys CHOOSE to participate in this unique program.  They work hard during the school year memorizing an entire book of the Bible.  Most every month we compete in a round robin.  Then, during the summer, we travel to summer meets and a national competition.

Besides the obvious blessings that memorizing Scripture can bestow, my kids have learned teamwork, public speaking, study skills, the art of competition, and how to travel on a bus.  :-)  That last one is quite the education.

One of the coaches/mentors gave Hayden a HUGE surprise.  Knowing how much Hayden LOVES the Texas Rangers, she surprised him with a signed Nolan Ryan baseball.

A signed Nolan Ryan baseball!!!  It is a gameball from spring training this year.

He is beside himself.
Beside.  Himself.
It is, without a doubt, one of his most prized possessions, that he has carefully added to the little hutch of special collectables in his bedroom.  What a fun and thoughtful gift, and a SUPER unexpected way to be rewarded for working so very hard!!

Speaking of baseball, at last night's game, Hayden got clunked in the hand by a pitch while batting.  It really smarted, and he ended up taking himself out of the game.  We iced it last night, but it is still super sore today.  I'm hoping with all my might that it is just a bruise and that it feels better VERY quickly. We only have three games left in the season, and I know how badly he wants to finish strong!

We have our last batting practice tonight.  Hopefully, that will help him get past the soreness and determine if his hand will be strong enough to play tomorrow.  Here's hoping!

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