Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Blog Bash - Day One

So, I'm one week post-Easter and this is what my dining room looked like this morning.

I gathered all the decorations over the weekend and added "pack away Easter" to my to do list.  The glitch was that there were also things on the list like "go to quilt shop with a friend" and "organize photographs for my scrapbook", so guess what?  No packing.  Funny how some things sink and some float when it comes to "to do" lists.

But this morning I got down to business, and about an hour later my table looked like this.

Much improved.  

I was thinking.....Today marks the kick off of Hannah's birthday week, and I miss her bunches.  So, the Buzzard and I decided to send her a cyber gift every day this week here on the blog.  That way, she will have something to "open" each day.

DAY ONE - fresh flowers!

Spring bluebonnets, of course, so she will think of Texas.  Is there a more lovely flower?

But just wait.  It gets better.  SO MUCH better.  If you think the flowers are lovely, just get a load of this....

Now there's a birthday greeting.  And in the interest of being fair(ish), here's another...

Happy Birthday week, Hannah!  We can't believe you're about to leave the teenage years behind!

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