Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birthday Blog Bash Day Four

Happy Day Four!  Today Hannah's gift is....Wall flowers!

Or, more accurately, door flowers.

When Hannah returned to college after Christmas break, Emma and I sent her with a sack of snowflakes we had watercolored to decorate her dormroom door.  Now snowflake season is over....we hope!....and the girls need something more spring-y to adorn the door.

When I saw this fun technique, I knew we could have some fun procuring posies for our birthday girl.

First, you get shaving cream from the Dollar store.  And you spray.  And spray.  And fill a tray.

Then you get set for some foamy fun.

You can frolic in the foam a bit.  It smells yummmmmy.

When you're ready, you sprinkle paint on top of the shaving cream.  (If I were to do this project again, I would use washable paint.  I'm not sure whey that wasn't glaringly obvious on this first go round.)

We chose happy colors for our paint.

Then, you take a stick and swirl your colors around real good.

Next, you take cardstock and lay it on top of the shaving cream.  We pressed down lightly to make sure every part of the paper was covered in the shaving cream.  Carefully lift the cardstock, and set it aside for about a minute.  Then, use the ice scraper that Oma left at your house last December to scrape the shaving cream off the paper.

(Make mental note - again - to use washable paint next time.)

When you scrape the cream off the paper, a beautiful swirl of color is left behind.  It looks like tie dye, and it's gorgeous!  And smells great!

(But doesn't wash out of clothing.  Okay.  Let it go already.)

Let the paper dry for a few hours, then cut it into pretty shapes to send to Sissy and Lindsey!

We also made some stained glass flowers, inspired by a stained glass cross we made for Easter.

We are super crafty during birthday week!  :-)

Too bad sunlight doesn't shine through the dorm room door.  Look how pretty these are when they catch the light.  I especially love the tulip.  Sissy may need to hang these in the window instead.

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

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