Monday, March 4, 2013

Otherwise known as The Gobstopper That Nearly Claimed My Sanity

So.  Here's what I'll confess to you.  There's a "hidden" tick in my personality that can easily ignite into a big hairy deal.  Here it is.......little noises bother me.  I understand that given this truth I was playing with fire by having four children.  It isn't noise in general that bothers me, although I've never been one to complain about a calm, serene quiet.  It's rattles and buzzes and beeps and such that set me ablaze.  

So, when a Gobstopper jawbreaker, against nearly every odd of possibility, somehow managed to roll into a heating vent in the backseat of my minivan, and subsequently travel all the way up to the front, lodging itself directly under the console between the front two seats, it annoyed me.  Every time I accelerated, applied the brakes, or turned a corner it would rooooolllllll around in there.  Loudly.  Eessentially, I was completely fine, as long as I was at a dead stand still in the drive through at Starbucks.  But all other operating features of my motor vehicle produced a roooolllllling sound that threatened my very inner peace.  Life could simply not go on like that.

So, yesterday I dispatched my patient, understanding, and competent Buzzard to the van.  I explained my tale of woe (although I originally mislabeled the offending culprit as a jellybean), and brought it to his full attention that there was NO WAY IN THE WORLD I could listen to the roooolllllling while logging my 42,957 mile carpool journey each week.  Clearly.  A very short time later, the console was removed, and the van was test driven for a clear diagnosis of the rolling.  Then the piece of plastic underneath the console was removed, and the van was test driven.  Then the piece of plastic beneath the piece of plastic beneath the console was removed, and the van was test driven.

And Then I started to think this could be a big deal.  Short of removing the four tires from my car, Buzzard disassembled every possible component of the front end in search of that STUPID piece of candy.  I had exposed holes in the floor of my van revealing the driveway below, and yet still, when I turned a corner, accelerated, or applied the brakes, I roolllllllllled.

And I'm not very happy about it.

He inserted tiny wires into the air vents to determine precisely where the problem lay.  Lie.  Whatever.  If it would LIE still and not roll it wouldn't be a problem at all.  He did indeed isolate the location, which serves to assure me that I now know the EXACT POSITION of the wild gobstopper in my air vent that will likely have me full blown crazy by Friday.

This consumed HOURS of our Sunday.  Hours.  It's the craziest thing you can imagine.  And it's loud and constant and even more annoying today than it was yesterday.  All of which tonight led me to the decision, as I drove home from Hayden's baseball game (applying brakes and accelerating and such), that tomorrow I shall march into our car repair shop and most likely become the very woman they will laugh at and joke about all month long.

But if they can fix my problem, I will buy them all their very own box of Gobstoppers.


In other news, last week Emmie studied the letter S at school, and we carried out the theme here at home.  First, I made SNOW DOUGH, using a recipe from Pinterest.  It is white, homemade play-doh with peppermint extract and white glitter added to it.  SO much fun!!  It smells and feels absolutely wonderful, and coupled with a set of snowflake cookie cutters, it kept her busy for hours and hours.

Next, we made a snake by painting a paper plate green and cutting it into a big spiral.  It was super cool and had a forked, felt tongue.  We tied a string around his neck and named him "Crictor" after one of Emma's favorite books about a boa constrictor.  

Then Penny ate him.  Penny ATE the in consumed the paper and spit out the googly eyes onto my kitchen floor.  Goofy dog.  Not a big fan of eyeballs.

So, we moved on to Sunflowers.  We studied Van Gogh's painting, 15 Sunflowers In A Vase.  Then, we created our own works guided by a new program I purchased called HomeArtStudio.  We have only done two session of this new program and the jury is still really out.  It's a DVD that you watch and it seems a bit dry and slow.  However, we sure did have fun moving to the kitchen and making our projects.  Emma requested a vase for hers, and even designed the purple dots all on her own.  I LOVE IT!!!!!

The last thing we did was string art.  Emma hated this project.  She could not stand the feeling of all the glue on her fingers, and complained the whole entire time.  It makes me laugh when I see this hanging in my kitchen because the experience was the exact opposite of a smile!  Ha!  Some projects just bomb.  It's too bad because the real reason I bought the yellow yarn was to make a yarn egg like Nana has.  You wrap glue soaked yarn around an inflated balloon and let it dry.  It's super cool and I've always wanted to make one like Nana's, but I may be doing that one on my own, unless I can convince her to wear plastic gloves!

We all have things that make us grumpy, I suppose.
Googly eyes that don't taste good.
Glue glopped on our fingertips.

Gobstoppers are responsible for a whole lotta grumping this week!!!!!

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