Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

In honor of Dr. Suess's birthday, we celebrated like crazy CATS in party HATS.

Buzzard and the boys were in Oklahoma at a competition yesterday, so I took the munchkin to Lakeshore Learning for a special Suess day.  Although the outing seemed ripe with potential for a rip roaring rhyming good time, it was actually a total madhouse.  It was like being trapped in an overcrowded box with a mad fox while suffering caffeine detox.  But Emma had a great time, and seeing as how she and her tremendous enthusiasm contributed to no insignificant amount of the overall chaos, I suppose I have little room to complain.  They had story time and crafts, some of which I forgot to photograph!  (Oops!)

This morning I made green eggs and ham for breakfast.  (Presented by Emma's finely crafted Lorax.)

Then we had tons of stories on the couch, and crafted the day away.

This is my FAVORITE.  I sat at the table and made this from her handprints while Emma worked on some of her other crafts.  I love, love, love it!

I didn't implement all my ideas, but the ones we did complete were winners.  Now I have some left over ideas to get a start on next year's celebration!

The weather was gorgeous today, so we took a long afternoon break to go outside and watch....

This past fall our next door neighbor lost their dog unexpectedly.  They loved Penny so much that they ended up getting a doodle too!  Lexie is a chocolate labradoodle who is four months old now.  She is Penny's running buddy.  This is the sight in my front yard several times a week.  We both LOVE IT because our dogs come in after one of these sessions and crash for hours!  They play SO hard.

We have a HUGE week.  Lots of good things planned, and plenty to keep us plugging along!

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