Friday, February 22, 2013

This Week.....

I was proud of this boy and how hard he has been working lately.  Also, I spent some time wondering how he transformed from little boy to not little boy before my very eyes without me really noticing it was happening.  Growing up is scary.

Glow sticks came home from youth group, and they added brilliance to bedtime.

Our terrarium that we planted in a McDonald's take out cup is thriving, and it's putting me in the mood for a real terrarium.  One that could live in my kitchen window and maintain itself perfectly.

Speaking of plants maintaining themselves, I am notorious for my black thumb, but not even I can kill a Christmas Poinsettia by Valentine's Day.  I'm getting kind of tired of mine, but I can't put them in the trash while they are technically still alive because I think that's mean.  So, I've denied them water.  And they are THRIVING.  I just don't know.  Meanwhile, my orchid - that I sing to, and feed ice cubes to every ten days, and shower with botanical love and affection - is dropping blooms and looking a tad weak.  He really needs to rally because I have great plans for him in the Easter decorating scheme.

We found pinwheels at the dollar store, and ours is spinning away in the front yard, making me very happy.

And speaking of a'll never GUESS what I found in the dollar spot at Target.  If you don't stop at the dollar spot every time you enter a Target, you really should.  Next to the Starbucks, it's the best part of the store.  At the risk of sounding like a social nerd, it is sometimes the highlight of my day.  :-)  I find treasures there.  Like this one....


Sorry for all the shouting, but if you've ever held a spool of $18 baker's twine in the middle of Anthropology while whispering sweet nothings to it, you know what a score this is.  For a DOLLAR.  I'd pay the dollar all over again just for the thrill of spotting it for the very first time.  There may have been a dance move in the dollar bin aisle.

In Preschool news....Emma took Sissy to school for Show and Tell!  She told all about how she and sis have tea parties using the purple (breakable!) tea set and milk and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Emma also quoted her Bible verse for the week.  Somewhere deep in the book of Exodus, it allegedly says to "Remember the Savage Day and keep it holy."  I'm pretty sure a savage day is far from a holy event, no matter what.

Speaking of savages, I put Emma to bed at 7:30 last night.  I honestly can't recall if that has ever happened before.  I was DONE.  (Done, done, six degrees past done.)  She was an absolute TOOT yesterday.  It started first thing in the morning when she was out of sorts over having a substitute teacher for preschool.  I walked her into her class because it was pouring rain and there was no carpool.  She marched right into the room and announced to the teacher that they always have snack first thing.  The teacher smiled sweetly and explained to Emma that they were starting with circle time first.  Then snack.  I did an about face and marched myself right back into the pouring rain, which was clearly the better of my two options at that moment.  Her mood never did get brighter.  It was a first for her.  I don't ever remember having a day like that before.

On the bright side, today has been a whole new story, and she is back to her lovely self.


And finally, Baseball started last night, with Hayden's team playing their first in-town game.  It was a tad chilly, but we had a great time at the ballpark.  Thanks, Nana and Papa, for coming out to cheer him on.  Calvin and Nichole showed up to surprise us too.  THEY WON!  A great start to the season.

We're ending the week on a high note.  Guess who turns ONE YEAR OLD today?  She is blond and furry and wicked cute.  There will be a party tonight, so I'm off to go buy a party hat.  :-)

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