Monday, February 6, 2012

Worldview Ball

So, Friday night the boy got ready.  We had lots of fun pulling his costume together on late notice.  A trip to Cavender's was a smashing success, and rather than renting a costume, we were able to purchase some fantastically handsome duds that he can actually wear again.  Chaps disaster solved.

The theme of this year's homeschool ball was Famous Folks from the early 1900's.  On Papa's suggestion, Max went as Tom Mix, an early screen cowboy.  It fit.  Good thinking, Papa.

After four years of getting a girl ready for the worldview ball, I was treated to the experience of the dressing rituals of teen aged boys.  It went something like this....shower at 4, dress at 4:10, pictures at 4:20, out the door at 4:30.  I'm sold.  :-)

Max as Mix...

These next several are primarily for Hannah's benefit.  I promised her I would post some pictures of the costumes and a few folks that I knew she would want to see.  There were many flappers, gangsters, a ship's captain, some aviators, and plenty of Roosevelt's.  As usual, the costumes were impeccable.  The kids really go all out for this event.  They took dancing lessons for over a month to be able to master the Tango, Virginia Reel, and other steps of the day.  A seated dinner of BBQ was served.

She looks so good every year.  This is Mrs. Worldview.

These two were my favorites.  I don't know them, but I loved their outfits!

Recognize him??

A 1900's iphone??  First generation, was it??

I had to congratulate this kid because he beat me to the punch.  I wanted Max to go as Theodore Geisl, aka Dr. Suess.  When we went to sign up, this kid had already claimed it, so we had to come up with another idea.  I have to admit, I'm glad this kid got Dr. Suess because he totally nailed the costume.

Max, I'm proud of you, boy.  One more notch in your homeschool belt.  You done good!!


Theodwyn said...

Great job on the costume! He sure is a natural and looks incredible in his duds!

Anonymous said...

He looks great!

Ellen said...

A Worldview Ball sounds very interesting. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Sometimes, it's nice to know that others are struggling too over homeschooling (even in that burnout stage!) - makes me realize that I'm not alone.