Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back in the saddle

So, it appears I have not blogged since the early 1900's.  (See last post.)  Yep.  That seems about right.  The song and dance goes something like this....out of town company, a leaky pipe, a busy season for the hubby, a homeschool know, life.

Somewhere in the midst of that I had a feeling I was waiting on something.  I'm not sure what.  It always seemed like I had two (or twenty two) things to do before I could sit down and take a breath.  Ever feel that?  No pressing needs, per say.  No emergencies or great events that cause huge emotional upheavals....just a string of days in a row when I felt like naaaahhhh....I don't wanna write about that.  24 hours in a day and 25 hours of work to do.  Just like every other person.  Then it somehow settled in my soul that I was focusing on the 25 hours of "to do's" and not the 24 hours of opportunity that I had been gifted.  And just like that, the sun came out.  My list is still long....and filled mainly with small and mundane tasks, but I somehow feel more motivated to tackle them.  I isolated the one task that was weighing most heavily on me, and I got it DONE.  It took three hours start to finish of uninterrupted work time.  But now, everything else on the list feels small in comparison and I am basking in the relief of that.

I've busied myself on settling other small affairs around here...the little picking through little piles that have accumulated.  I like to try to do that while the piles are waiting quietly.  It's always nice to catch them before they erupt in flames and demand immediate attention.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yes?  Anyone else have piles??  I learned once that if you adopt the habit of "touching things only once", a pile will never be born.  The minute you "set something aside for later" a pile has officially taken root.  It's a lovely thought.  And one that I will not even waste my time trying to achieve.

I'm a pile person.  It's something I don't like about myself, but feel I can not help.  Like my size 10 feet.  But today I'm knocking the top layer off of a few piles and it feels great.  And blogging finally made the list.

I'm attributing all this to the fact that I am once again a blonde.  Due to financial restraints, I decided about a year ago to let my hair go natural.  It seemed practical and thrifty at the same time.  Coincidentally, it was the same year that God saw fit to grant me seven thousand new gray hairs.  The wirey, unruly, crooked ones.  It occurred to me, over the past few weeks of my BLAH mood, that in addition to feeling more tired than normal, I was looking more tired too.  So I bleached the dickens right on out out of the problem.  Emma invited me to a tea party yesterday before my appointment.  We (she, me, one white unicorn, and one pink dragon) had tea in the midst of me making lunch, grading grammar, and coordinating a baseball schedule.  I blame the multi-tasking for the fact that I arrived for my appointment with a tiara on my (gray) head!!!  I am so very grateful that I pushed my sunglasses up on my head and felt the tiara just as I opened the door to the salon.  I don't think anyone noticed me swiping it off and slipping it into my purse, but it somehow tickled me to know it was there.

Me.  Queen of piles.  But tackling them all will surely be more fun as a blonde.


Anonymous said...

We all know blondes have more fun. :) Welcome back to the fun side! :)

Missed reading your posts the past few weeks! Glad you're back!

- Milo

Lisa said...

I SOOOO love reading your witty comments and your exciting life. I kind of live vicariously through it. I LOVE piles. They make me very happy!

Love you,

Ellen said...

A homeschool conference? That can be fun and overwhelming. Did you enjoy browsing/buying curriculum? What things did you get? We used to buy up a lot at conferences, but the list has dwindled over the years, thankfully.