Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

This gorgeous guy came to call yesterday. He watched us quite closely for a time....

...before shaking his head and taking off.  I guess he didn't find us as interesting as we found him.

Max has been catchin' squirrels lately too.  Scads of 'em.  Or at least two.

Have no fear.  It's catch and release these days.  No squirrel and dumplings this time.

In celebration of the letter "T", today was bring your teddy to school day.  So, NanaBear went off in search of big adventure.  They had a teddy bear picnic at lunchtime.  That beats the seven Wheat Thins I ate while driving to the Hobby Lobby.  It was a wild day.

Last week was "S" week, so we wore our silly socks.

And speaking of socks, do you suppose if I buy them gray to start with they will look cleaner longer??  I figure it's a theory completely worth testing.  I swear my boys keep sand and dirt inside their shoes.  And small monsters who chew holes in all their socks.

Do you think gray socks can outsmart all that?

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