Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Date With Purple

The big boys were out of town for the weekend. That left Buzzard and I alone with a four year old to entertain.  It's fun to have permission to celebrate being four.  Too often the littlest one gets shuffled from place to place; her schedule dictated by the lives of the big people living here. Being the tag along has its advantages.  But getting Mom and Dad to yourself for a night provides a nice balance.

Especially when they dress you up in a purple shirt.  And purple socks. And a purple bow.  And tell you they have a very purple-y surprise for  you.  And then they take you to a place known for serving "Purple Cows".

They order you one, and let you have the WHOLE thing.  No sharing.  Now that's really something in a family with four kids.

You celebrate by dipping.  For a solid hour.

Then you get to go to the Walmarts to pick out a brand new Fancy Nancy puzzle.

Because next to the color purple, Fancy Nancy is one of the very best things about being four.

Mom and Dad help you work the whole thing.  All 100 pieces.


And after that, they put you to bed and snuggle on the couch and giggle about how much fun purple can be, and give thanks for one last opportunity to live through the joys of being four.

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