Saturday, January 7, 2012


We're hosting a Harry Potter marathon.  Three days of HP.

My kids never read these books when they were younger.  When Hannah turned 18, she decided to delve into the series, and Buzzard decided to read them with her.  This led to the boys jumping aboard, and before I knew it, we were all wandering around here with our noses in various volumes.  They even roped Papa into finishing the entire series, a fact which completely delights Hayden.  Our Papa ROCKS. 

Hannah and her game day groupies came up with the idea of watching all eight movies together over a single weekend.  That's a lot of Harry Potter.

And it requires a lot of food.

They are teens, and they hunger.  Often.

So I feed them.   Happily.  And regularly.

Who watches eight movies in a row you may wonder?  Actually, I have found that given a comfy couch and a steady diet of junk food, teenagers would probably watch dozens of movies in a row.

But I'm evicting this crazy crowd after #8.

Because sooner or later life has GOT TO get back to some resemblance of normal around here.

Probably Later.  Probably definitely.

You never know what you'll learn during a Harry Potter marathon.  My friend Wendy doesn't like Walmart.  Her family calls it "Vol-de-mart", or "The Store That Shall Not Be Named".  Ha!

Christmas break is good for these kids.

I'm blessed to see that in times of transition and making new friends at college, they still put emphasis on maintaining and investing in old relationships.

They are good for one another.  And they are good for me.

Two days down.  One to go.  I'll admit I'm fading a little bit.  The vacation that started December 15th is still forging on and I'm losing some steam.  But we're strong finishers.  We're ending this extended break on a high note.

Or eight of them.

The boys returned home last night from a two day bus trip, so now my nest is full once more.  I am celebrating by brewing up some Butter Beer and trying my hand at chocolate frogs.  This requires a trip to the store that shall not be named and quite possibly a pre-marathon nap this afternoon.

Muggle Mania.  Onward we go!!

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