Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flea Market Fancy

Our most fun excursion during this break was our first ever visit to the biggest flea market in our state.  The best part of the day by far was wandering around with my friend Leslie, who I absolutely adore and don't get to see nearly enough.  I found you really bond with someone when you go junking together.

And we both love the same kind of junk.

Leslie collects Fiestaware and we found a good source.  Cheap.  I'd need service for a hundred because I'd want one in every single color.

Hannah's wish was for an antique typewriter key initial necklace.  We found one, and now we need to locate the perfect chain.

Morgan found a vintage camera and a robin egg blue antique suitcase.

Good junk.

Temps were in the 70's so it was perfectly wonderful to wander outside finding treasures that reminded us of childhood.

Old valentines caused us to wonder which was more fun...the vintage pictures themselves or the handwritten sentiments on the backs of them.  I debated buying a bunch and making a little banner out of them, but decided there was a likely chance they would stay in a pile and never make it to a banner.

And I don't need any more piles.

Cute girls.  Cute truck.  Hannah and Morgan would have driven that off the lot in a heartbeat.

It's funny to see what people buy.

You never know what you'll find next at the flea market, and the most fun is stopping dead in your tracks over the PERFECT find.

Hello, Romper Room.  I looooooooved my inchworm.  I tried every which way to think of a reason to bring this home to Emma.

She's more of a full throttle girl.  Not so much an inch by inch girl.

There was a litter of timber wolves ready to go to new homes.


It's a little odd to me that Texans would want these for pets, but they sure were magnificent to look at.  This guy was only eight weeks old.  I don't know if you can appreciate the size from this photo, but he weighed over 15 pounds.  These are really big animals.

I had my eye out for big animals.

Too bad for me, there were no golden doodle puppies hanging around that day.  That meant the Good Lord was looking out for the Buzzard.

Hannah made a one pound friend. 

When I was a little girl I wanted a yorkie so bad.  I've always found them to be adorable.  Then I met the Buzzard.  He calls them "dorkies".  Isn't he mean??

He may have a point.  This dog would last about six seconds in our house before getting stepped on, run into, dropped........or inched over.  We're not a delicate household.

So now I know.  Looking at other peoples' junk is way more fun than staying home and organizing my own.  We've already laid a plan for Flea Market Fancy 2012.

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