Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Preschool Crafts

Emma made some really cute things this year and I want to be sure and remember some of these ideas.  To the great horror of my older children, I opt not to keep every craft that crosses our doorstep.  Instead, I display them for a time, then take their picture for posterity sake while they get filed in the infamous "circular file".  My kids will have to add that to the list of reasons they will need a therapist one day.

These first few items actually made the cut and will be making an appearance every year on the tree.  

Jigsaw puzzle pieces painted with brown tempra paint.

This one isn't a craft, but it was Emma's new ornament for the year.  I love it.
I heart Super Target!

Glass ball with fingerprint reindeer.  So.  Very.  Sweet.

Too funny!  These are two plastic drinking cups.  Brown paper is wadded up in the top cup.  The bottom cup used to be filled with peppermints.

Back in December.  :-)

Okay, nothing beats glitter and sequins for a preschool craft, so this one was a big hit.  The words on the outside edge of the paper plate say..
"When you take away all the tinsel and glitter, the real reason remains."

The tree is attached to the top of the plate with a brass brad.  When you swing the tree to the side...

...you see this!

This last one is so sweet.  My neighbor's mother teaches Sunday School at her church in Lousianna.  She is always sharing great preschool craft ideas with me, and she brought me a little kit to make this with Emma.  You start by cutting the top off a brown lunch sack and "shredding" the top of the bag.

Then you wrap a picture of a baby in a soft cloth and lay him in the manger.
She included a cute bookmark for us too.

I love arts and crafts of all kinds, but I especially love making things with my kids.
I'm thankful for a wonderful preschool that provides so many fun and creative ideas too!

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