Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hayden is attending a VBS this week at a local church that teamed with Institute for Creation Research to host a Creation themed study. It has been wonderful! Emma wasn't able to attend because our swimming lessons conflicted, but today we took her up to the church so she could enjoy some of the amazing dinosaurs they have on display. She was elated!!! These were taken with my phone, so the photo quality isn't the best, but she has a little dinosaur toy that she is trying to hold up in each of the pictures.

In other dino news, a few weeks ago I was in Joann Fabrics, and guess who spied a dino fabric? She positively insisted we take some home with us. It doesn't take a tremendous amount of convincing to get me to agree to start yet another quilting project. :-) Week before last Emma was sick with a really high fever, and she kept asking me when I was going to work on her quilt. Of course, when a three year old asks you anything with sick, puffy eyes it is incredibly pitiful and motivating, so I promised her the dino quilt would get bumped up the priority list.

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