Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Cement Pond, and Our Championship Player

We are having our swimming pool worked on this week. It is old, and needs to be resurfaced. They came this morning to chip off all the old tiles, which I won't miss one single bit. They were textured tiles and they looked like they had green algae growing all over them. The new tiles are a beautiful shade of blue, and are going to look much cleaner! I never put much importance on this, but now that we had to have the work done, I look forward to it looking nicer.

Hayden's baseball team played in the city league's championship game last night. I was so proud of those boys! They played a great game, and although they didn't pull off a win, they gave a strong finish to a great season. Their team took second place. Not too shabby!!

Miss Ems was pretty impressed with the spinning ball in the trophy, and big brother was very generous about sharing it with her. I'm sure she felt like it was her trophy for showing up at the ballpark all these many weeks. :-)

Baseball is a wonderful illustration of how much I admire this boy. He is hard working and determined. He is quick with a kind word and eager to encourage. He loves being dedicated to a group. I think God used all these things this season to grow him into a better athlete, and an appreciated team mate. Way to go, number 11. We're proud of you!


Sandy said...

Great job last night, Hayden. We are all proud of you and the rest of the team! You were lucky to have such wonderful, encouraging coaches. You worked hard this season and should be very proud of your second place win. Well done!

Erin said...

Congrats, Hayden!