Friday, February 4, 2011

Wilderness Survival

My boys were slated to leave on a wilderness survival campout today with our scouting troop. They were due to head to south Texas for a two night stay. Wilderness survival is one of the most popular camp-outs of the year, because the kids are only allowed to take with them whatever will fit inside a coffee can. No tents or sleeping bags. They make a bed out of leaves and rig a shelter with rope and a tarp.

I suppose I could head out for an overnight with a coffee can if I needed to. The contents of my can would probably look something like this...

My worries about the weekend have been building for days with all the ice we have been getting. I was a little surprised that emails kept coming through about meal planning and travel arrangements. I didn't want to be the first to cry "uncle!" but I couldn't imagine my poor guys sleeping outside in this weather! I was so relieved when they finally cancelled the trip last night. That way, my studly Buzzard didn't need to look like a total wimp when he would have emailed to back out anyway. Ha ha!!

Snow began to tumble late last night, and by morning we had about eight inches. It's still coming down, with an new band just starting, and now my frozen spa has a fluffy new look.

I love the hushed silence of a fresh snowfall. It was so quiet when I snuck out to snap these pictures.
Buzzard is working on his computer next to me right now, and he just got a message from the national weather service that we are under a winter storm warning. Good to know. ;-) Nice day to stay inside and work on some projects!

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