Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Claiming Brain Freeze

Today we ventured out, risking life and limb, to make it to the Super Target. We are on our third snow day in a row, and while I wasn't in any particular need of a specific grocery item, I HAD TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. So, noticing we were running low on Dawn dish soap, I made hasty plans to brave the sheets of ice covering every inch of this city in a desperate attempt to make contact with the outside world.

It's the strangest thing. I'm a total homebody. Until I'm stuck at home. Then all I can think about are places to go!

We had fun. We bundled up and stopped at Starbuck's first to spend a few Christmas gift cards. The boys were ready for a break, so I let them wander the toy isle while Hannah, Emma and I spent time smelling shampoos, reading cereal box labels, and picking out new striped socks. Honestly. We just needed to get out, and were up for any excuse. Perhaps that state of mind will somehow contribute to an explanation of my little impulse purchase.

I've recently noticed a trend among several of my favorite quilt blogs. At the risk of sounding slightly competitive, I don't fancy the notion of missing out on a quilting trend. :-)

It seems that the Blythe doll is in vogue. You know her? She is a big eyed, retro, waif. Quilters are snatching her up, and have taken to fashioning clothes for her. I can't say that I'm totally smitten, but I do find her mildly fascinating. However, her $200 price tag is a major turn off. Well, leave it to some frugal bloggers to spill some interesting beans. There is a mini-Blythe available right now as part of the Little Pet Shop line sold at Target and Walmart.

Well now. This is handy knowledge.

It must have been a severe case of cabin fever, fueled by a burning desire to stay in Target as long as possible (since I probably won't be leaving the house again for several days) that drove me to the toy isle. Or maybe it was the knowledge that quilters everywhere have a toy that I didn't.


Meet mini Blythe. There are several styles available, igniting the possibility of a future collection. But of the choices available today, she was by far the most fetching. I adore the red poppy in her hair, and her black and white ruffled mini is the bomb.

Emma already brushed her hair. (Drat!) But I think if she had the perfect do AND the four centimeter waist, she might seem a little intimidating. Plus, she can use her Jackie-O's to tuck her wispy fly-aways behind her teensy ears.

She's too small to sew for, but is the the perfect size to sit on the shelf in my quilt space. Plus, her diminutive size came with a diminutive price tag, which made getting in touch with my inner child seem simple to rationalize.

She's queen of the quilting quarters. She makes notions look sporty.

And I love her. So, I've now taken the next step in establishing myself as a cutting edge, contemporary quilter. I have the right toy. :-)

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