Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend This and Thats

Look what happens if you put the word out to a bunch of teens at the last minute on a Friday night that you are willing to buy pizza and rent a movie. They show up. Can you tell these kids are close? Figuratively? Literally?? We ate pizza and pound cake with this crazy crew and watched Secretariat. Great movie.

The old saying is that if you don't like the weather around here you just need to wait five minutes and it will change. That's about right. Today was absolutely gorgeous; a complete teaser for spring. We jumped on the opportunity to get outside for some playtime at the park. Max and Emmie took a stroll down by the creek, where he was under strict orders by her to hunt for treasures.

She was desperate to find something good.

Something worthy of stashing in her Cool Whip bucket. :-) He searched under rocks and poked around with sticks, but the water was still so cold there wasn't much to be found in there today.

It just felt nice to be outside; enjoying nature...

...running free...

...and spending some energy!

We finally managed to coerce a poor creature into the Cool Whip tub. He may not have been too thrilled about the proposition...

...but his captor was simply delighted. My kids have all inherited the creepy crawly gene. Not that they creep and crawl, generally, but they have a great interest in the animal world at large. Must come from being raised in a zoo!

Hannah met with some friends from Bible Bowl to do senior team pictures today. I snapped a few of my own on her way out the door.

The three girls all wore patterned skirts with white shirts, jean jackets, and cowboy boots. I think Hannah is so photogenic!

Usually. Every once in a while I get one of these. This was the look I was presented when I casually suggested that maybe Buzzard and I would tag along on her girls night out dinner tonight. It is a look that says, "no". With added emphasis.

My son actually played out in the snow last week in a pair of shoes that had holes in the soles. (What? I gave him extra socks!) All the child needed was an eight mile walk to school and he would have had a classic tale ready to tell his great grandchildren. Seriously, I am a major budget shopper when it comes to boy clothes and shoes. They are hard on their stuff, and they grow every three days. So it is rare for me to splurge on boy attire. But every once in a while, there will be a very special request, and we will spring for a little upgrade. The boys around here are wearing "zig tech" tennis shoes, and they cost more than $100 per pair!!! I'm flat not gonna do it, and to their credit, my boys were fine with that. Zig techs have brightly colored soles that are lots of fun, so we hunted for a more budget friendly compromise. Emma really liked brother's new shoes, but wanted to know why they had "cheese" on the bottom of them. (????)

Lastly, Daddy and Emma made a love bug together. Because they are very crafty. And because I thought it would be lots of fun to give a man with big fingers and a three year old a bottle of tacky glue. All that fresh air got to me. :-)

A very full, but fun, weekend. Hope yours was wonderful too!

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