Friday, February 18, 2011

Nichole's Birthday Quilt

The D's and R's came over tonight, so we could do a belated birthday celebration for Nichole. I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl, who was fresh off of a car trip and claiming a "bad hair day". (She looked ravishing.) I didn't get a picture of the pink angel food cake that I let Buzzard frost. I wasn't having much luck with it myself, so I handed my man a batch of homemade butter cream and an offset spatula and wished him luck.

Turns out, he needed it. But I didn't really mind having to scoop up little puddles of frosting off the platter to serve with each slice of half naked cake because what our little pink cake lacked in physical attractiveness it made up for in yumminess.

I gave Nichole her birthday quilt tonight, and despite some rather poor lighting, I managed to get a few pictures. I love how all my quilts have a bald head and white socks in my photos.

Best I can recall, I think I met Nichole about ten years ago. We became friends instantly. I was drawn to her because she is all the things I'm not but wish I was...highly organized, efficient, detail oriented, and thorough. She and Marci are two peas in a Type A pod. The way I see it, they allow me into the threesome and continue to put up with me because we round each other out.

We've shared a lot of special memories with the D's and R's through the years. We are comfortable enough to laugh together, trusting enough to cry together, close enough to celebrate together, and honored enough to pray for each other. And that's what growing old together is all about.

Happy birthday, Friend. Here's to many more memories to be made! :-)

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