Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pink. And Blue.

My weekend started out super fancy. Behold.

Pink Hello Kitty socks and red shoes. This day held great promise. :-) I love that she picked out the socks. I love that she got out the shoes. I love that she brought me my camera and danced around, begging me to take pictures of the "twirling kitties". She is a blogger in the making.

Another sweet surprise that day? Pink cake. Made by my Buzzard. He wanted to make a sweet surprise. Nobody here likes strawberry cake. Including the Buzzard. But it was all we had, and the thought counted a lot. It also led to a joint trip to the grocery store. I love grocery shopping with my man. I love having someone with me to pick produce. I love that I can debate my Crystal Light choices out loud, and not just agonize over it in my own head. He is no help in choosing Crystal Light flavors. But still, he is there. He is there filling the cart with seven(teen) extra things that are not on the list. Like chocolate cake mix, for next time. :-)

Aunt Jackie came to town this weekend. She brought her brand new puppy, Bluebell. She is "Blue" for short. She is a Border Collie/Lab mix, and she is pure preciousness.

Preciousness with freckled feet.

She settled in with no problem at all. The children and pets and chaos that accompany this place caused her no concern.

Jackie was in town for this...

Welding training. She is a welder. She is going to weld stuff. Like metal. I understand that urge about as well as she relates to my need to piece together small scraps of fabric on my sewing machine.However, I do not look this cool wearing my machine quilting gloves. I give her that.

We have plans, us two. Big plans. We want to travel to craft shows and sell stuff. We're going to share a booth. The quilted, heavy metal booth. It just makes so much sense. We decided to call ourselves "Scraps".

First, she has to actually weld things, and I have to find some time to sew stuff. In the meantime, the boys are wandering around in a welding mask making Darth Vader noises while Emma chases Blue wearing Hello Kitty socks.

While Buzzard serves pink cake.

It's an atmosphere ripe with potential. The fast lane, folks. :-)

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