Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, Again

Believe it or not, I really have been on the computer this week.

I have not lost interest in this space, but I have spent my online time this week preparing a NEW corner of the web for myself. Magnolia Manor will roll along as usual, but I am creating a separate site for sharing all my quilting and sewing projects. I enjoy reading quilting blogs and want to participate in that online community without linking back to this page, where I like to reveal more about our family and our daily life. The new site will focus entirely on creative endeavors. This site is where I'll continue to reveal explosive sensationalism like lizard maintenance, what we're reading in homeschool, what's perking along in the crock pot, and what Emma is wearing today. :-) You know, the booming essentials.

I'll link to my new site this weekend, once the finishing touches are made.

In the meantime, allow me to share with you my feelings regarding the fact that tells me it is 27 degrees outside right now, yet it "feels like" 21. It is my unyielding opinion that if temperatures dip into the 20's we at least need some snow on the ground as a payoff for enduring the cold. I was in charge of planning a park day for our homeschool group this afternoon. I dutifully sent out a steady stream of emails this week, and even pulled together a small outdoor craft. One by one southern homeschool women have sent me notes saying they will stay in to do extra math and praise God for central heat rather than brave the park. So, I cancelled our play day. I feel rather wimpy and am obsessively wondering if there are any homeschool moms with yankee blood soaring through their veins sitting at home complaining about the fact that they won't get to come and do my craft in sub zero temperatures today. I'm an excessive people pleaser and I worry about these things.

Tonight is family game night and, although plans are still a wee sketchy, I'm hoping the D's and R's will both be here tonight for dinner and dominoes. We've been out of the groove of family night for too long and I'm itching to eat party food and sit on the couch with my friends. Aunt Jackie is also coming to town this weekend, with her new puppy in tow.

Yesterday was pajama day at mother's day out. In a valiant effort of support, I stayed in my pajamas most of the day too. Three year olds shouldn't get to have all the fun. I'm having some January motivational issues, and also am too cold to conquer productivity.

The lizard (who is still nameless) is shedding. It is cool/gross and I am obsessed with watching him. Did I tell you we decided to keep him in our den? Right under my grandmother's prized antique quilt? He's quite the decorating statement. Traditional French Country meets Herpetology. Lately he has been standing up in his cage a lot, which cracks me up. I think he looks like the Geiko Gecko and I keep waiting for him to sell me insurance. I swear it looks like he's making a point with his long fingers, like I'm paying too much on my homeowner's.

Okay, there's young 'uns needing schooling and I've got to go stoke the fire, which means bumping up the thermostat by two more degrees since I don't know how to turn on the gas logs. I've also got to figure out what to cook for supper and get that web site ready.

Cuz I know your breath is baited.

Happy Friday, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I know that you are not reallllly looking forward to a puppy in your house but we will make it as bearable as possible:-) That photo of the lizard( I like Amo btw) is outstanding! The one of Emma is pretty darn cute too! Can't wait to see you!!!! As for the quilting site...I'll give it a whirl because I know if I put up a welding site you would go to it because you are just that good of a friend! You humor me all the time and I love you for it!