Monday, November 15, 2010

Guess What??

It's snowing in Narnia.

And Santa LOVES our Emma.

Hannah and I ran to the mall tonight, and it is already fully decked for Christmas. We walked by Santa's workshop and were the only ones there, so we hung out with Santa for a few minutes trying to convince Emma to crawl into his lap. He was a wonderful Santa, and very friendly, and probably bored to tears from lack of visitors. I guess trying to lure a two year old onto your lap beats napping on your throne, which is what he was doing when we first strolled by. He leaned forward and told her, "You don't have to come sit with me if you don't want to, but just remember one thing. Santa LOVES you very, very much!!"

She glowed. Like a synthetic snowflake under blue lights.

No amount of bribery was going to convince her to smile for a photo, so eventually we headed on, but not before playing in the snow. The theme of this year's mall display is Narnia, and they have a very cool globe set up with movie clips and snowfall. She danced and twirled in the snow, and even convinced Santa to come watch her. A mere eleven seconds later, as we were headed to the car, her memory of the experience was already very clouded as she was boasting about having seen Santa. Hannah reminded her that she was scared of Santa and wouldn't officially go near him. She puffed out her little chest and said, "I did see Santa. And he LOVES me VERY much!"

She got that straight from the horse's mouth, she did. :-)

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