Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Very Good Day, With A Cherry On Top!

Emma was feeling much better today, so she was able to attend Mother's Day Out for the first time. She woke up super excited about big girl school. I had her wear a denim jumper with little apples around the trim because denim jumpers just seem to scream "first day of school"! I wanted to get a few official school pictures to memorialize this important first day. First, I got this goofy little smile.
So the boys stood behind me and made moose ears to try to get her to smile. So she started making moose ears back at me! Actually, I love this picture because this is exactly how I will remember this age! :) If she were perfectly still and posed and smiling perfectly, I might not remember who it was when I look back on it several years from now!

Today's craft at school was a doorknob hanger. (Or a "doorknocker" as she says.) Doesn't surprise me one bit that she chose pink. But, look at the stickers she chose! Who has big brothers??? Dropping her off was a family affair. She marched right into class and started playing with toys. She did GREAT! She got to use play-doh for the very first time, and is quite a fan. (I can sense that future Tuesday/Thursday posts may lean heavily toward preschool crafts and nap mat tales. There. You're forewarned.)

We celebrated doorknockers and playdoh and new friends and not sleeping on the nap mat during nap time(!) by going to a new frozen yogurt shop after big girl school. She got her very own bowl of pink yogurt with a hearty smattering of sprinklies. This shop is adorable. It is called Cherry On Top, and they have a little kid corner with these cute little chairs that look just like cherries. My phone went dead right after I snapped this picture, which was a big disappointment because the kids were SO cute with their big bowls of yogurt. Wish I could have further embarrassed them all by taking a hundred more phone pictures. :)

You only celebrate the first day of MDO once, and I say live it up. With a cherry on top.

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