Monday, September 13, 2010

Perfectly Legal

This weekend we hosted a surprise birthday party for a sweet young thing who turned 21. Her sister and good friend were the official hostesses, and they planned out all the details. They chose hot pink and zebra stripes for the theme, which I thought was a very cute combo. I made a banner for the birthday girl, Cora Beth. (I just love that name!!)

The bakery decorated a sheet cake to match the theme. It was half chocolate and half vanilla. Breanna also baked a homemade german chocolate cake that was absolutely fantastic. I'm the only one in my family who eats coconut, so I never use it when I bake. I'm always very happy when I get the opportunity to eat yummy coconut. :)

Cora Beth's sister, Grace, set up a fun memory table. She had lots of pictures and things that are special to Cora Beth.

Cora Beth is quite a popular young lady. She had our house packed with friends, family, and well wishers. I think there were about 60 people here throughout the night.

A special friend even drove in from out of town, which was a huge surprise.

We goofed on timing a little bit. The birthday girl snuck in the door before we were all properly assembled and ready to yell surprise! She thought she was just stopping by to drop off a textbook for Hannah, and I'm sure it took her a minute to figure out why all these people were in our house.

Cora Beth's Papa wrote a special poem in honor of her day, which was very entertaining.

Cora Beth is the oldest of seven kids in her family. I just love this handsome, fun loving bunch. They generate a lot of energy and enthusiasm everywhere they go. They are a blast to be near, and are very godly and encouraging too.

I got so involved in visiting with everyone that I didn't do a very good job of photographing all the guests. There were groups of kids stationed all over the house playing various games. It was a fun and lively night!

Happy Birthday, Cora Beth. Grace and Breanna did an amazing job planning out a special night for you, and we were very happy to play a part in it. Best wishes for an amazing year!!

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