Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When I got home from scouts at 9:30 last night, look who was in my house. Aunt Jackie! She was passing through town and stopped in for the night to surprise me. She brought an entire box of cupcakes from the Czech bakery on I35. Anyone who has ever traveled from Waco to Dallas on I35 has stopped at that bakery. It's legendary! They are known for kolaches, but it turns out, they also know how to pile an obscene amount of icing on a cup of cake. Super yum-O, and delightfully fun to consume while standing around the kitchen island late at night.

Of course, we stayed up way too late talking. We dropped Emma at school this morning, then took the rest of the kids out for breakfast at the IHOP. We have such a busy schedule this semester that I've gotten very regimented about our school routine. I didn't even realize it until I noticed how much fun we were all having cheating on our schedule. I'm pretty sure my kids will remember funny face pancakes with Aunt Jackie more fondly than our typical morning review of the proper use of apostrophes in plural possessives. :-)

Thanks, Jackie, for a great surprise and a fun twist to our day!

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