Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fresh Revelation and The Law of Kindness

This semester Marci, Julia and I are doing Beth Moore's Revelation study titled Here and Now, There and Then. I somehow feel the need to confide that I wasn't excited at all about studying Revelation right now. I'm having the hardest semester ever, and I wanted something uplifting and encouraging to help me fall deeper in love with Jesus. I've studied Revelation in Precepts before and found it fascinating, but I wasn't honestly "in the mood" for horns on beasts! If anyone can make a scripture applicable to the life of a woman right now, it is Beth Moore. I'm really enjoying the study so far, as I learn about what kind of woman I need/want to be for Jesus to give me a fresh revelation. I'm also loving the girl time with my two precious friends.

Saturday, Mom and I attended a simulcast for Beth Moore's Living Proof Live event in Chicago. Her topic was kindness, and it was oh-so-timely for me. Oh how I long for my spirit to be so completely invaded by the love and compassion of the Holy Spirit that my tongue is controlled by sheer kindness. Again, I feel like Beth has a true gift for infecting women with a passion to grow in their faith, the ability to challenge women without threatening them, and the enviable capacity to pull off sincere likability and a great hair style at the same time.

So, here's what I know come sundown....

I've got kind on the mind, and yearning for things to stay that way. Meantime, the place I didn't think I wanted to be is the very place God needed me to be to show me that yes, true love can be found anyplace where Jesus is. Even in the book of Revelation. :)

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