Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From Shaggy To Snazzy

We went to a family reunion last week, and in anticipation of seeing lots of relatives, we decided to gussy up. The whole lot of us. That included a trip to the shearing station for Monkey Bear, who is now sporting brand new, very sassy bangs! And looking fetching, if I do say so!

I'm not sure she got the full "spa" experience, given that in the airplane chair next to us three grown women were holding down a twenty four month old who had a serious aversion to the clippers. No amount of lollipops were going to calm him down, and his hysterics had my last nerve frazzling, but he provided ample entertainment for Emma, who sat fixated with his theatrics and never once moved her head!


Sandy said...

Cute just got cuter.
Love that little girl.

Theodwyn said...

Very cute! Looks like she did great.